What makes Personal Trainer: Math such an effective portable teacher? There are tons of great features that make it both fun and easy to grasp. Read on to see why Personal Trainer: Math and Nintendo DS are so well-suited to keep your math skills sharp!

Open DS with stylus

Why Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS system uses two screens, sharp graphics, touch screen technology, and wireless communication for a revolutionary interactive experience. With Personal Trainer: Math, you can use the included stylus just like a pen or pencil thanks to advanced handwriting recognition technology. Hold the Nintendo DS system vertically like a book; it's like having a portable math lesson in your hands without all the paper!

Attendance Record

Personal Trainer: Math allows up to three people to keep track of their daily progress at a time. By performing the Daily Test each day, the software will mark off your attendance on a monthly calendar, and it will advance you to the next level when you're ready. Be sure to attend every day Professor Kageyama is paying close attention!

DS Screen
Girls having fun solving problems

Study Together!

Thanks to the wireless communication functionality of the Nintendo DS system, you can challenge up to fifteen of your friends, family, or classmates simultaneously in a fast-paced math challenge. Play 100-Cell Math or the Division Marathon and try for your best time!

DS Screen

Multi-Card Play

Each player needs a Nintendo DS system and a copy of Personal Trainer: Math. One player chooses "Host Game," while everyone else selects "Join Game." When everyone is connected to the host, he or she picks the exercise and the fun begins! When the game is over, everyone's completion time will be recorded. Beating your own best score is key to math mastery, but beating your competition is always a fun way to improve your skills too!

Single Card Play

Even if there is only one copy of Personal Trainer: Math in your group, up to fifteen of your fellow math students can participate in Study Together mode with their Nintendo DS systems! Simply choose "Host Game" on the Nintendo DS with Personal Trainer: Math inserted, and have each additional participant select "DS Download Play" from their Nintendo DS Menu Screen. Then, choose the panel that shows Personal Trainer: Math, and follow the simple instructions to start!