Daily Testing

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Level 1 - Level 6

Starting with Flash Cards to learn number recognition, you will practice everything from addition problems without carrying and subtraction problems without borrowing, to 50-Cell Addition and 100-Cell Addition and Subtraction. At this stage, you'll mainly focus on the fundamentals of addition and subtraction.

Level 7 - Level 14

At this level, you'll begin by memorizing multiplication tables. You will then polish those skills through the Flash Multiplication exercise and the 50-Cell and 100-Cell Multiplication exercises. After those come the more difficult Ladder Addition and Ladder Subtraction activities.

DS Screen
DS Screen

Level 15 - Level 20

After reviewing your multiplication tables (which are fundamental for division) through the Missing Number Multiplication exercise, you'll practice Type A, B, and C division problems in that order. After finishing more difficult multiplication problems and Fill the Blanks exercises, all thatís left to clear are the Ladder Addition 3, Ladder Subtraction 3, and Division Marathon Type C exercises. Once you complete Level 19, you will be ranked Master! Repeat all of the activities to record your best possible time!

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Kageyama Method

The Kageyama method will put your newfound skills through high-speed drills.

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Practice Exercises

Focus on areas of difficulty, or practice improving completion times for your favorite equations!

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